Welcome to the plasticfactory, here we produce all types of plastic you could think of. Our factory is able to seal senseless plastic and other products with plastic, but our sources are limited, so we really want to encourage you to give us your plastic, so we can recycle it and make more plastic products.

That sounds terrible, right? So please come down and relax, this is only another musicproject. Isn´t it pervers that we produce plastic to keep our plasticproducts from taking damage? And why do we behave like it´s an endless resource? 

Honestly I can´t answer it, because this is so absurd.

Plasticfactory is the next step into the genre of drone and ambient music. Released as MC, 12" Vinyl and Download.

Again as on TDJROOT all soundscapes, loops and other soundfractures were mostly generated from guitars and (church) organs.


  1. ppC3H6Plstc I     (15.58)
  2. ppC3H6Plstc II    (16.10)

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